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Car Rental Depot C-4000 Series – Car Rental Depot
Information Centre C-4000 Series – Information Centre

Offer your customers and employees a bright, clean, climate controlled environment.

Canada Kiosk's experienced staff will work with you to develop the right building solution for your business. The C-4000 series kiosk is fully insulated with a thermally broken aluminum framing system and maintenance free finishes, ideal for year round outlets such as car rental depots, sales and service outlets, concession stands or any other retail and service business application. C-4000 buildings arrive on site already preassembled with all features and fitments included, ready to be placed on your foundation and hooked up to services.

All C-4000 Sales and Service Kiosks can be completely customized to suit your particular size and operational requirements, finished with the architectural expression you want to depict your corporate branding or image.

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Customer Service Kiosk - Mercedes Benz
Retail Sales Kiosk - Currency Exchange

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