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Convenience Store Exterior C-4000 Series – Convenience Store Exterior
Convenience Store Interior C-4000 Series – Convenience Store Interior

Small C-Stores are the perfect way to enhance your retail product offering.

Mini-convenience stores are the ideal way of economically expanding your product offering beyond the fuel pumps. Canada Kiosk series C-4000 is a great choice when your retail outlet is about 500 square feet or less, because it is built and shipped in one piece, ready for you to install and stock your shelves, coolers and freezers. When provided as a standalone store they can have bathrooms, small offices and storage rooms in addition to the sales area, so they are fully functional without the support of other on-site facilities. Complete customization in features and finishes is available so you can create your own unique branding. Large windows and the strategic location of the operator's point of sale area provide proper viewing of the pumps.

Whether you are upgrading your site or opening a new one, work with us to design the mini-convenience store to suit your needs. Canada Kiosk C-stores are generally ready to go within 24 hours of delivery to your site, with very little disruption to you. Need a larger Convenience Store? See NRB Retail Buildings.

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