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Customs Inspection Booth Bi-Level Customs Inspection Booth
Customs Inspection Shelter Customs Inspection Booth

Maximum durability and site control drive the design of these rugged booths.

Busy border crossings and tolls need heavy duty booths, and Canada Kiosk products are designed to endure the exhaustive and continuous usage they may get 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during peak travel periods. These booths are built from welded tubular and plate steel, all custom designed to suit the owner or architects preferred look and function. Designed to handle all of the operational and performance demands of the job - built for the safety, comfort and security of the attendant or customs officer occupying them, each Canada Kiosk booth is skillfully manufactured in a controlled plant environment, delivered to the site completely finished and ready to install.

Endless options include stainless steel counters, heavy duty sliding doors and windows, tilted windows or tinted glass to reduce glare, and HVAC and pneumatic systems - just to name a few. Bi-level booths are also available, and are common designs to handle both truck and car traffic together.

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