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Bus Shelters C-2000 Series –Transit Shelter
Pay-on-Foot Shelter Pay-on-Foot Shelter
Currency Exchange Kiosk PAK-III Series - Currency Exchange Kiosk

Canada Kiosk is a world leader in the manufacture, delivery and installation of a wide range of standard and custom booths, kiosks and shelters.

Whatever your need might be, Canada Kiosk can offer you the best possible solution.

The Service

Site security, access and control booths. Gas island kiosks and small convenience stores. Customs inspection and toll booths, smoking and transit shelters. Canada Kiosk delivers high quality buildings -- quickly and economically -- anywhere in the world! Our Kiosks can arrive fully assembled and ready for hook-up. Or for economical long distance shipping kiosks can be sent knocked down and erected on site.

The Alternatives

Canada Kiosk offers an array of standard booths, shelters and kiosks that are completely pre-assembled and ready for hook up. Or you can work with Canada Kiosk's expert staff to custom-design a solution that suits your specific requirements.

The Options

Choose from a wide variety of sizes and shapes, plus electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems. An assortment of glass, door, and hardware components is available. Canada Kiosk offers a complete selection of both exterior and interior finishes and colours, as well as a host of additional features. Operational components such as cash drawers, safes, automatic windows, counters, custom millwork and signage can easily be added.

The NRB Family

Canada Kiosk is an NRB company. NRB Inc. provides fully customized building solutions and has been a leader in modular building design and manufacturing for more than 25 years. NRB specializes in commercial, educational, institutional, industrial and storage buildings. Should you need a larger, or more varied building application, Canada Kiosk will be pleased to put you in touch with an NRB representative.

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