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C-2000 Series Shelters

Ticket & Information Kiosk
C-2000 Series Smoking Shelter
Security Control Booth
C-2000 Series Two-Wall “Smoke-Out” Shelter
Currency Exchange Kiosk C-2000 Series Transit Shelter
Gas Island Kiosk C-2000 Series Bus Shelter

The economical solution for all your shelter needs.

  • exposed clear anodized aluminum frame
  • windows providing 360 degree visibility
  • clean and bright finishes
  • insulated roof panels

Detailed Specifications


  • Nominal sizes are 4'x8' up to 12'x16' outside dimensions. Height is 94" without super floor and 96" with super floor.


  • C-2000 extruded aluminum framing system with 10 micron satin coat clear anodized finish. Mechanical fasteners are used to permit on site replacement of damaged components.

Kick Panels

  • Laminated kick panel consists of an exterior and interior surface of 0.032" stucco embossed aluminum sheet with an exterior grade plywood core. Panels are laminated with waterproof contact adhesive. Panels have a white factory baked finish (custom colours and colour matching is available).

Optional Door

  • One 32"x80" out swing, clear anodized aluminum frame commercial door complete with deadbolt lock and safety chain or closer. Door is fully glazed with clear tempered safety glass.

Optional Window

  • Horizontal side slider window 44"x24" high complete with anodized aluminum frames, slider inserts and positive locking device. All operating windows are glazed with 3mil single glass.


  • All fixed windows are glazed with 6mil single tempered safety glass. Glass is held in place by mechanically fastened aluminum glass stops for easy installation and replacement.


Factory built shelter

  • Roof structure is 3" x 20ga. structural steel roof deck complete with R12 batt insulation. Roof sheathing is 3/8" plywood. Roof finish is EPDM single membrane rubber roofing.


Site built shelter

  • Roof structure is made up of 3" thick insulated roof panels with an exterior and interior 0.032" white stucco embossed aluminum finish.

Optional Super Floor

  • Painted 2" x 2" HSS steel frame floor structure with 2" rigid insulation and 6mil poly vapour barrier. Floor sheathing is 5/8" T&G plywood screwed to steel frame floor. Floor finish is "Mondo" non-slip, long life commercial grade rubber flooring.

Optional Electrical

  • One 100amp service panel in lockable cabinet, one 4000 watt fan forced heater with timer, one 1'x4' fluorescent light fixture with timer and one 150 cfm exhaust fan with switch. Electrical site service connection is by others.

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