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Project Profiles: C-4000 Custom Ticket Booth Niagara Parks


Project Overview:

Project: C-4000 Custom Ticket Booth - Niagara Parks

Building Size: 6' x 8'

Project Duration: Size: 6 weeks

Project Summary:

Incline railways have been a fascinating part of the history of Niagara Falls for over 230 years, and the Niagara Falls Incline, is the last remaining running incline railway in the Falls. The Niagara Falls Parks Commission Incline Rehabilitation Project turned to Canada Kiosk when they required two new control huts for equipment and operators to operate the historical incline. A popular tourist attraction with over 650,000 paid riders, Canada Kiosk delivered and installed two custom designed booths to match the existing structure, that were completed in just 6 weeks.

Features & Benefits:

  • Custom roof design to match incline car
  • Interior layout to suit control equipment
  • Spandrel glass to give the appearance of 360 glass
  • LED light and split A/C system for optimal energy efficiency
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    C-4000 Custom Ticket Booth - Niagara Parks

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