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Project Overview:

Project: Pak-III Series - Double Round-End Information Kiosk

Building Size: 5'-0" x 13'-0"

Project Duration: 7 weeks

Project Summary:

When a major Bus Line Company secured a prominent and highly visible location for information and tour-ticket sales, they looked to Canada Kiosk to design and build a unique, high-tech, "silver-bullet" style kiosk for their ticket sales.

Features & Benefits:

  • PAK-III Double Round-End design is modern and attractive.
  • "Silver Metallic" FP-1 architectural aluminium cladding system provides a bold commercial appearance.
  • Raised fascia/parapet allows a signage location and hides rooftop HVAC system.
  • To facilitate operational convenience, two easy sliding service windows with stainless steel exterior counters were installed.
  • Interior metal clad, abuse resistant counter tops follow the straight and rounded walls to produce a full perimeter of display surface and storage cabinets.
  • 360 degree glazing keeps attendants aware of the surrounding activities.
  • Heating and air conditioning for year round comfort.
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