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Project Profiles: C-4000 Series Custom Ticket Kiosk


Project Overview:

Project: C-4000 Series Custom Ticket Kiosk

Building Size: 15'-6" x 15'-6"

Project Duration: 8 weeks

Project Summary:

The University of Toronto was in need of an attractive, standalone booth for Varsity Stadium event ticket sales. The booth design needed to house as many as four ticket sales staff to deal with large volumes. NRB worked with the University's designer and came up with an innovative "retro" design. The University's original desire was to site-build the ticket booth but the modular solution was less expensive. A modular concept built off-site allowed the campus to continue with regular daily activities and experience minimal disruptions.

Features & Benefits:

  • Patterned stainless steel walls
  • Wall mounted dome lights and extended structural steel design frame
  • The colour scheme was carried over from their new score board and stadium accents
  • Two wickets were positioned lower for wheel chair accessibility
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    C-4000 Custom Ticket Kiosk

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