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Project Profiles: Pay and Display Parking Shelter


Project Overview:

Project: C-2000 Dome Top Shelter with Adjustable Legs

Building Size: 5'-0" x 10'-0"

Project Duration: 5 weeks

Project Summary:

When our Dome Top Shelters are installed on the client's concrete pad, there is generally a slope built in to allow for proper rainwater run-off. Shimming the shelter level to allow for this condition has been the solution - until now! Our client had a more severely sloped pad which would not allow our regular shimming process so we went back to the drawing board. This C-2000 Dome Top Shelter features our newly designed, adjustable leg system that will allow it to be leveled to suit most any surface slope.

Features & Benefits:

  • New vertical extrusion to create an adjustable leg at every bearing point
  • On site, leg is adjusted accurately to allow for height variations, and then it is securely fastened with two galvanized through bolts and the base plate is anchored to the concrete
  • C-2000 aluminum frames and aluminum panels are clear anodized
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    C-2000 Dome Top Shelter with Adjustable Legs

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