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Project Profiles: PAK-III All-In-One Security Check Point


Project Overview:

Project: PAK-III All-In-One Security Check Point

Building Size: 5'-0" x 10'-0"

Project Duration: 2 months

Project Summary:

When the customer needed to have a completely relocateable access/security island, we created this innovative all-in-one security check-point which includes an attractive security kiosk, a heavy duty fork-lift-able island, two security arms and four protective bollards - all designed to be reused at another location if needed. Just another sustainable benefit of modular construction.

Features & Benefits:

  • Insulated architectural cladding system and grey spandrel glass panels (to lower the visual window band.
  • Features inside include heating/cooling for year round attendant comfort.
  • Built-in ergonomically designed work station with entrance/exit transaction windows located to suit the attendant's function.
  • Re-locatable welded steel island is hot dipped galvanized for durability.
  • Six threaded leveling points allow height flexibility when relocated.
  • Four heavy duty steel bollards with vinyl sleeves and reflective strips are part of the welded structure steel base, to provide visibility to and protection from approaching vehicles.
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    PAK-III All-In-One Security Check Point

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