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Project Profiles: Parking/Information/Attendant Kiosk


Project Overview:

Project: York University

Building Size: 6' x 14'6"

Features & Benefits:

  • Custom colour aluminum framing system, granular recessed panels and clay tile roof combine well and compliment existing buildings on campus.
  • Spandrel glass panels allow privacy for the washroom while still providing a continuous "window band" around the kiosk.
  • Two horizontal sliding windows allow easy communication with incoming and exiting traffic lanes.
  • Layout includes main attendant's area with forward facing plastic laminate work counter & storage cabinet.
  • A side entrance slider door allows attendant to exit and enter the kiosk safely without swinging a door into a traffic lane.
  • The "Mansard" style roof is actually a perimeter parapet wall designed to hide the roof mounted air conditioner system.
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    Parking Attendant Booth - York University

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