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Project Profiles: 500 Series Customs Inspection Booths


Project Overview:

Project: Peace Bridge Border Crossing

Building Size: 4'9" x 13'

Project Duration: 14 weeks

Project Summary:

The challenge of an aggressive schedule, budget constraints, ergonomic requirements and a highly innovative architectural design resulted in Canada Kiosk successfully providing sophisticated Toll / PIL Booths for the Fort Erie Bridge Authority. To aid the Canadian Border Services Agency with their final ergonomic reDownload, Canada Kiosk constructed a wood 'mock-up'. Six Toll Booths (Phase I) and 15 PIL Booths (Phase II, pictured above) were fabricated off site at Canada Kiosk's manufacturing facility, the completed booths were installed on site by Canada Kiosk.

Features & Benefits:

  • Welded steel frame construction.
  • Sloped walls, rounded roof and curved stainless steel ducting provide a sophisticate look of the booths.
  • Retractable polycarbonate wind-breaks to protect officers.
  • Stainless steel millwork.
  • Slider door with full-lite super window.
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    Custom Inspections Booths - Peace Bridge

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