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Project Profiles: “Pak-III” Custom Ticket Kiosks


Project Overview

Project: Two "Pak-III" Custom Ticket Kiosks

Building Size: 2 - 5 '-0" x 6'-0"

Project Duration: 10 weeks

Project Summary:
With the construction of an amazing 180 ft. high Ferris Wheel in the works our Client called on us to provide two highly visible Ticket kiosks. The two booths and customer's canopy would define the entrance to the new spectacular ride.

Features & Benefits:

  • Stainless steel floor frame and a clear anodized aluminum wall system alleviates any future oxidization concerns.
  • "Silver Metallic" FP-1 insulated Cladding system with full-height radius corners provides a bold commercial appearance.
  • Raised fascia/parapet allows a signage location and hides rooftop HVAC system.
  • Recessed roof parapet hides roof services.
  • Front service wicket with stainless steel exterior service counters.
  • Open Wicket is protected by rolling security shutters during off-hours.
  • Built-in rolling fabric shades to protect the attendant from direct sun light.
  • Heating and air conditioning for year round comfort.
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