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Project Profiles: Pak-III Series Currency Exchange Kiosk


Project Overview:

Project: Pak-III Series Currency Exchange Kiosk

Building Size: 10'-0" x 12'-0"

Project Duration: 7 weeks

Project Summary:

Our client secured a small yet very prominent border-crossing location for his currency exchange business. This ideal site required a clean, prestigious appearance and a space efficient design to accomplish the client's requirements.

Features & Benefits:

  • Aluminum Cladding and Round-Corner design is modern and attractive.
  • A high fascia/parapet/sign-band provides a bold commercial appearance and hides roof top services.
  • Upper cladding panels include built-in laser-cut signs with backlighting.
  • A secure interior pay-partition allows 24hr accessibility to an ATM in the customer area while protecting the attendant's area.
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